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How to Craft a Well-Crafted Board Meeting Reminder

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A well-crafted reminder for board meetings is a useful tool for communication that increases the level of preparation and increases the productivity and success of scheduled engagements. Reminders must be distributed in a timely manner and clearly communicate important information about the meeting, such as the title of the meeting, the date and time, venue or the agenda and a virtual platform. Additionally, they should include a call to action encouraging attendees to confirm attendance or respond to any concerns or questions. A friendly tone and use of a professional reminder templates also encourage participation and reduce the chances of oversights.

Start your reminder email with a brief introduction that briefly reminds recipients of the meeting’s purpose. This will make them feel appreciated and prevent them from missing the meeting because they didn’t remember or didn’t realize its importance. Keep your subject line informative and short. A condensed subject could limit the information you can communicate.

It is best to send reminders regularly leading up to the meeting, making sure that participants don’t miss out or do not miss out. Start with a reminder a week before the date and then follow up on the day of your meeting. Consider sending a final message the morning of the session particularly if it’s a critical one. A template for board meetings that automates the process will help simplify this and ensure everyone is aware of the upcoming meeting, no matter their schedule.

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